Go To ELF! a romance novel with a spiritual twist

Tony Celentano and Frankie Doerrer, troubled teenage boys struggling to understand and deal with the violence that was raging within their homes, forged a boyhood alliance in the middle of a small patch of woods in St. Petersburg, Florida that turned them into more than friends, it made them brothers. For more than twenty years since then, they have fostered their brotherhood by meeting at the same restaurant at nine o’clock, every Saturday morning to share the minute details of their lives and to offer each other unfailing support without ever having to ask for it. As they approach the age of 40, however, for the first time they begin to realize that their dysfunctional childhood experiences are keeping them mired in their safe but somewhat colorless existences. It isn’t until Tony loses his job and faces financial ruin that an old memory emerges; a memory that is so revealing that from that time on, the lives of both men change rapidly for the better.
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Author Bruce Lipton calls this type of book   “Edu-tainment”

And it will:

  • Educate you

  • Entertain you

  • Surprise you

  • Delight you

  • Make you smile

  • Make you cry

  • Make you think

  • Help you grow

  • Make you Go To ELF!

How readers have compared "GO TO ELF!" with other books

I love the book so much. The characters were so real to me, that I feel like I know them and wish I did. I love the ELF throughout the book, especially the way his body shimmered. and the Epilogue made me laugh. In fact the entire book struck so many emotions. I laughed and cried, and was educated with spiritual practices through the entire story. I didn't want it to end. And the last time I read a book that I was sad to finish it was "Eat, Pray Love."
Sandy Cromp – Graphic Designer

"The Secret" made me aware, and “Go to ELF!” showed me how.
Nikki Nastari – Operating Room Technician

Last year, the book to give away for Christmas was "The Shack", and I like “Go to ELF!” much better than I did The Shack.
Elsie Huebner – Spiritual Leader

Go to ELF! is a wonderful read, a novel offering a collection of valuable insights for living -- with simple, yet powerful techniques for spiritual growth and emotional healing that are shared within the telling of a story of self-discovery and romance. The central characters -- two young men who meet as troubled teenagers and become fast friends through their shared understanding of pain -- have compelling experiences of self-judgment and doubt with which every one of us can in some way identify. There is the pain of feeling awkward, insecure, and unloved in an environment of domestic physical and emotional abuse. Each finds a way to survive and even at times thrive by burying the emotional scars of the past. But years later, each is haunted by, and must confront in his own way, the same painful issues of childhood that were never resolved. Each must find inner guidance to release the buried pain. Answers arrive via an unexpected, but powerful self-source called ELF -- and the techniques for creating a happy, prosperous, and love-filled life are explained clearly and concisely through the characters' lives and the ELF's conversation -- showing the reader how easy it can be to create a new life with direction and focus.

This is the next "Celestine Prophecy" -- I recommend it highly.
Joy Katzen-Guthrie – Music Director

What other readers say:

I have to tell you that so far my favorite part of the book is when Tony is processing his childhood pain with the ELF. It is SO real. It brought up a lot of emotion in me. I think this section is really going to help readers relate to their own childhood pain, and then be able to release and heal their "I'm not good enough" from the past, no matter what it is. So beautifully written. Thank you!!
Susan Carr

I used the "Life Design" exercise in this book to create two big opportunities in my sales branches. The process was simple and straightforward, and positive results began to appear within just one week. I’ve seen firsthand proof that this stuff really works.
John C

I LOVED the book!! Read it in 2 nights after work and didn't want it to end. Fell in love with Tony & Frankie and there life challenges and success'. I have been "Going to ELF' more and more each day, told everyone I know about the book and shared my own experiences with many. Thank you for the gift!
Helen Harvey

I finished "Go To Elf" last night. It held my interest until the last word was read. I enjoyed it more than anything I've read in ages and I can't wait for the next one in this series.
Nancy Rubino

This is a beautifully written and inspiring story demonstrating the tools available to us to move through any adversity. Hard to put down, I found it a mix of passion on many levels. A must read novel for those unaffiliated with any denomination and seeking spiritual guidance.
Patti Rondolino

I love the book, "Go To ELF!." I finished it in two days and I could not put it down.  It is a fantastic opportunity for all to learn about oneself! It has all the teachings combined into one. – Melissa Tart

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Janet Conner - Author, WRITING DOWN YOUR SOUL, Guest Teacher

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