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The Tiger Treasure - A Fable

Once, in a place far away, but not so very long ago, five men went hunting for treasure…

 This charming fable by John McLaughlin tells the story of five strangers, who traveled together to India in search of a treasure of great value Each traveler left home with an understanding of how life works, based on his unique collection of past experiences, and without exception, each traveler’s expected outcome for his exciting adventure proved to be exactly right. But only one traveler found The Tiger’s Treasure This story illustrates the way in which identical events are experienced entirely differently by different people; and it also reveals the Universal secret for changing those pre-supposed outcomes for the purpose of achieving one’s deepest desires and fondest dreams. “Thank You” and “What’s Next?” = The secret formula for finding your treasure. The Tiger’s Treasure, with its, consciousness-expanding message is both entertaining and enlightening. It offers a quick and easy read that packs a powerful punch of inspiration to the reader. This is a story you will want to share: The Tiger’s Treasure is offered for a single copy price of $7.00 which includes tax. Free shipping and handling and a mailing envelope for convenient gift-giving.  

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