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ELF BookAccording to Bruce Lipton, Author of "The Biology of Belief, "EDU-TAINMENT is becoming really big right now."

The word is intriguing - a combination of the elements of entertainment and education through story-telling. Master teachers from the ancient realm like Aesop and Jesus were, of course, skilled at it. More contemporary writers like Og Mandino and Richard Bach used it brilliantly. James Redfield's The Celestine Prophecy fell into the genre of edu-tainment. Morgan Freeman used superb story-telling skills as he narrated the intricacies of quantum physics in Through the Wormhole.

The edu-tainment format provides the reader with a non-intrusive platform from which to personally explore what might otherwise appear to be complicated practices and principles and suggests ways to then apply them to his or her own life experiences. Clearly, Lauren is on to something here because Go to ELF - Communicating with The Eternal Life Force is indeed edu-taining, bringing home practices and truths that foster self-realization.

As you read "Go to ELF - Communicating with The Eternal Life Force", you will travel right along on the journey of Tony Celentano and Frankie Doerrer, each born into a very troubled and dysfunctional family. As teens, both boys struggled to understand and deal with the violence that was raging within their own homes. Then, through a twist of fate they met in the middle of a small patch of woods in St. Petersburg, Florida. They forged a boyhood alliance that made it easier for them to deal with their individual and collective lives and they have remained fast friends ever since.

This book is about the struggle that we all have overcoming the beliefs that we accepted about ourselves unquestioningly in our early childhood. Even if we had relatively good parenting, these unconscious and often limiting beliefs may hold us back from being who we really are and who we want to become. 90% of our current belief system was formed between the time we were born and we reached the age of twelve. And we are still functioning on the unconscious information we internalized about ourselves at that very early age. Those early impressions create the essence of our personal belief system, which has become our Truth. It never occurs to us to examine, let alone question, these hidden belief that run our lives.

As he approaches his 40th birthday, faced with financial ruin, Tony has a truly mystical experience when in a moment of deep despair; he conjures up The ELF; an apparition that had helped him whenever life overwhelmed him as a teenager. The ELF is an acronym for The Eternal Life Force, or God.

The ELF represents Tony's spiritual nature, his inner being, his higher self - the same energy that is his (and our) personal connection with the Creator and Sustainer of all Life. We each have our own ELF, our own internal guidance system but like Tony, most of us have forgotten how intimately we are connected to our spiritual nature, or how to access it for our own benefit.

Following the experiences of Tony and Frankie, we are able to see how The ELF, this internal guidance system works for them, and how it also works for us. And with that realization comes the most important message of all: "Life doesn't have to be so hard."

The ELF explains that the manifestation process is as easy as A-B-C and that the secret to living a happy life is as simple as 1-2-3. And just as you will be inclined to do, Tony argues with him. "I find it hard to believe it can be that easy,"Tony tells The ELF. And The ELF replies, "Well, I'm sorry Tony, but there's just nothing I can do to make it more complicated for you."

If you are weary of making your own life complicated; and if like most of us, you long to understand the rules so you can live a more peaceful, joyful life, then you are the perfect reader for Go to ELF. According to The ELF, Rule #3 for living a happy life, is to have fun while you are here on planet earth.
This book is easy to read but very powerful. You will discover the most wonderful person in the world, You!

This book has had a powerful effect on improving the lives of the readers as well as their families.  Order Now

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