“Go to ELF! – Connecting with The Eternal Life Force” was recently reviewed by a judge from The Writer’s Digest. This round of judging included 2,800 entries of independently published books by authors from all over the world. The Writer’s Digest sets a “gold standard” for the quality of Independently published books in multiple categories.

Judge's Commentary: "I really enjoyed this allegory, meshing the Elf with my own beliefs in God and the Holy Spirit. You did a great job of showing the dysfunctional childhoods of Tony and Frankie. I liked how you placed Tony in such dire financial straits to begin the concept of The ELF. That was real. . . I do like the concept and will try to remember this story when things turn negative. I hope it works for me. I already know about life being fun (when things are going well). Good luck with spreading this idea around. Many people need it. - Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.”

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